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Unique Custom URLs

Each comment update generates a new custom link to access ticket information online. With that said, users can continue to use previous links from past emails to access their ticket. Our links are very secure and are validated on every request.

Custom Email Links

Create any kind of email links you would like to include in your Zendesk emails. Wether they are text or fully styled HTML links - they will work!

Anchor Links

We have made it quick and simple for users to view, update or solve a ticket. Based on the custom URL anchor you use, your Public Portal will display different default views and options.

Custom Look and Feel

Make your Ticket Portal your own. You can fully customize everything to match your companies brand.

Ticket Validation

For an extra layer of security, you can enable validation on your Ticket Portal. This requires the requester to enter their email address before accessing the ticket online.

Read Receipts

Even if your customer does not allow downloading of images within their email client, we will mark your email as read if they visit your Public Portal.

We don't store ANY help desk customer data, period!

DeskPerk is just an interface between you and your support desk company. None of the information from your help desk or any additional information provide by your customers is stored by our service. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that information that is collected ( support ticket IDs, help desk user IDs and date information ), for the purpose of providing our service, is only accessible by two individuals within our company.

All services by DeskPerk retrieve ticket data using your help desk company's API, we then process your ticket and all requested information is discarded. We never store any ticket data ( other than the information above ) to any server. You have full control over our API access from within your help desk admin account. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!