Freshdesk - Add my Help Desk to my DeskPerk Account

DeskPerk Support Freshdesk Getting Started

To add a new Freshdesk help desk to use our service, you need to Login to Your Account.  The first page you will see is the Dashboard, this is where you can view all the help desks that are currently within your account.  Please click on the Freshdesk button within the Add New Help Desk section, at the bottom of the page.


  1. Enter your help desk Display Name - Will be displayed on the Dashboard
  2. Enter your Freshdesk Subdomain - Ours would be 'deskperk' from
  3. Enter your Freshdesk API Key ( See: Freshdesk - Locate API Key )
  4. Click the Save Settings button

NOTE: We will confirm that your help desk information is valid.  You will be directed to the newly created help desks settings and information.

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