Zendesk Email Verification / Validation to check email addresses for outstanding tickets

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January 22, 2019 - We are please to announce the release of our Email Verification / Validation service for Zendesk.
By just adding a custom tag to your Zendesk tickets, we will automatically check outstanding ticket's email addresses to see if they are valid or not.  If an email address is found to be invalid, we will post a Private Comment on the ticket letting you know what the problem is and possible corrections if available.

Quick Install

After you add our Read Receipt code to your Zendesk Triggers / Automations, just add the "dp-email" tag to all new requests and we handle the rest!

Invalid Email Addresses

We will add a Private Comment to your ticket with our findings.  You can then decide what you would like to do with the ticket.
IMAGE ABOVE: An example of the information we post, via a Private Comment, when we determine an email address is invalid.

About DeskPerk

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