Freshdesk Read Receipts to let you know when emails to customers are viewed

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April 24, 2019 - We are please to announce the release of our Read Receipt service for Freshdesk.
Our read receipts let you know when emails to customers are opened. See how long it took before the email was viewed, when it was sent, when the email was opened and what comment was read.
  • Increase sales, cut ticket resolution times and increase NPS scores
  • Quickly identify what comments have been read with our exclusive Comment Summary feature

Comment Summary

The read receipt includes a summary of the comment that was sent, to quickly identify exactly which update your customer's have read. (Exclusive)

Meta Data

Would you like to know what device, computer or browser your user is using We can also include extra data to show you this information.

Block and Allow Management

Easily block IPs for staff / management to prevent unwanted reads from being recorded within Freshdesk. We also allow you to white list IPs for situations where you have agents onsite.

Coming Soon

  • You can mark tickets as unread with the DeskPerk ticket tag "dp-unread"  and we will remove that tag when your email is opened or viewed
  • Support for Supervisor notifications

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