Zendesk - Control which Staff will Mark Tickets as Read

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We automatically manage a list of IP Addresses based on any agent or admin who works within your help desk.  Therefore, any Read Receipt pixel they view will NOT be marked as read.  To provide a bit more control, we also have provide a way for you to override our automatically block list and add additional IPs for other staff members.
NOTICE: If you are not experiencing any issues with read receipts, you do not have to continue.  Very few of our customers need to use the links below.  Before you continue, please Contact Us to see if we can assist you. 


  1. Create an email to your staff members who need their IPs changed.
  2. Include either the Block OR Allow (not both) Links from below.
  3. Replace the YOUR-ZENDESK-SUBDOMAIN with your subdomain.  Ours would be 'deskperk' from deskperk.zendesk.com.
  4. Make sure to let them know to click on the link.

Your Block Link

Used to add a new IP address for a staff member who does not answer tickets.  An example of who you might send this to would be a manager in a different office.


Your Allow Link

Used to remove a previously blocked (Automatic or Manual) IP address. An example of who you would send this to would be an agent that is located within a customer's office (on-site agent).


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